Tin plated PCB EMI shielding cover
Tin plated PCB EMI shielding cover-1

Tin plated PCB EMI shielding cover

PCB emi shielding cover
ISO9001 14001
Categories: EMI shielding
EMI which is electro magnetic interference ,RFI which is radio frequency interference .
When you take the phonecall in the car ,Sometime there is nosie come out from car speaker , That's the signal interference ,Then we need build a wall to separate the signal ,The metal emi shielding is the good choice .
Two piece of emi shielding cover and emi shielding frame , The shielding frame was welding on the pcb follow the layout , The shielding cover was removable ,It's easy to check inside .
We provide proto type for your rest before run mass production .

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