SurTec650 is used for trivalent chromium passivation of aluminum and aluminum alloy.In the product inventory, some precipitates will be produced without affecting its quality and performance.Before SurTec650 passivation, the workpiece surface must be clean and free of oxidation.

Its features are as follows:

* concentrated liquid

* trivalent chromium passivation for aluminum materials

* corrosion resistance is slightly worse than hexavalent chromium passivation technology

* can also be used for aluminum alloy and die casting

* it can also be used for pre-treatment of painting, powder spraying and adhesive treatment

* easy to operate in soaking, spraying and manual wiping processes

* form a transparent, light-colored coating

* meet or exceed the corrosion resistance standards of mil-dtl-81706 and MIL5541

(according to astmb-117 and DIN 50021 SS intermediate salt spray test standards, white rust starts to appear over 336 hours)

* low contact resistance, less than 0.8 mOhm/cm2

* can be resistant to 100 ℃ high temperature and not detract from its anticorrosive ability

* environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, simple operation and waste water treatment


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