Stamping and sheet metal parts are representative industry, manufacturing stamping parts in automobile, hardware, furniture can be seen everywhere, and sheet metal parts is the indispensable component in cell phones and other electronic products, Sometimes people are easy to confuse the sheet metal parts and stamping parts, they each have a what kind of characteristics, to occupy the main position in manufacturing?

The following buffalo electric through comparative analysis method to compare the characteristics of stamping and sheet metal parts:
First of all, we look at the sheet metal parts, sheet metal parts with light weight, high strength and conductivity (can be used in electromagnetic shielding), low cost, large-scale production performance is good wait for a characteristic, the current in electrical and electronic, communication, automobile industry, medical equipment and other fields has been widely used, for example in the computer case, mobile phone, MP3, sheet metal part is essential.

With the application of sheet metal more and more widely, sheet metal design has become a very important part of the product development process, mechanical engineers must master the design skills of sheet metal, so that the design of sheet metal not only meet the requirements of product function and appearance, but also can make the stamping die manufacturing simple, low cost.
Take another look at the stamping parts:
Stamping parts is in the premise of material consumption is not big, by stamping out of the parts weight, stiffness, and the metal after plastic deformation, the internal structure of the metal has been improved, so that the strength of the stamping parts.
The stamping parts have a higher dimensional accuracy, uniform size with the module, has a better interchangeability.
General assembly and use requirements can be met without further mechanical processing.
Stamping parts in the stamping process, because the surface of the material is not damaged, it has a better surface quality, appearance smooth and beautiful, which provides convenient conditions for surface spray paint, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatment.
Because the stamping and sheet metal parts have the above characteristics so widely loved by people, but also they are conducive to the root cause of the invincible.

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