EMI shield cover/case/bracket

Composition and application/shielding cover
Consists of a frame and a cover , which is connected with the enclosure.
The mantle is spherical.

This part is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS and other fields to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), the components of PCB and LCM shielding.

The material of the shield is generally 0.2mm thick stainless steel and nickel silver, among which the nickel silver is a kind of metal shielding material easily to 

The design of suckers should be considered when using SMT patch.

Classification/shielding hood
Fixed: direct welding of SMT to PCB.

Detachable: using the structure with LCM or directly using the bump on the mounding_cover button on the hook frame.

Material application
Shielding material
Material atlas of shielding cover
The shielding box generally adopts Cu- c7521-h [general materials], Cu- c7521-oh [soft materials, drawing depth] (nickel-white Copper, Copper nickel-zinc Alloy, Nickel 

Silver), t= 0.2, 0, 3 mm;
The shielding cover is generally made of stainless steel sus304r-1/2h [bending process], sus304r-1/4h [drawing depth], t= 0.15, 0.2mm, tin steel belt (tin plate), etc.

It can be used for welding of copper and tin in the PCB, and it is recommended to use white copper, which is mainly because the white copper is better in welding, heat 

dissipation and steam.

Design considerations/shielding cover
Point 1: place the shielding cover tray activity space is too big, can't learn, easy to swing when the patch must be placed in the tray material, there are about 1.0 

MM of activity space, cause material of swing is too big, too small to take material may not be able to take up.

Point 2: shielding cover feeding point size is appropriate, feeding point is in the middle of the material as far as possible, the size of the discharge point is best 

Φ 6.0 mm, feeding point is, the greater the stability of patch is higher, the higher the efficiency.


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