When it's comes to package of EMI shielding cover and frame , Some of customers they always said they want tape reel the machine needs to do SMT job , But not of all the shielding is suitbale to be packed by tape reel , Like the shielding in large dimension which may got deform when roll the tape .

For the shielding cover we usually suggest to use the plastic tray which will little cheaper than tape reel .

For the shielding frame ,it's depend on the dimension of parts ,Our engineer team will evaluate if the parts suitable for tape reel package .

All the parts we will customize the package for each dimension that will protect the parts well ,Even in long time delivery the parts won't get deform .

For more shielding models can visit   www.jingyiprecision.com   ,Any consult question can email  info@jingyiprecision.com , Our engineer team will feedback with 48 hours . 

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