Some customer they found us via our company website , They saw our our products and facility online ,Then send inquire to us , When customer send first inquire ,They actually don’t know us well except some description on website , I can understand they are afraid ,Usually when I get first inquire from new customer I will send company profile to help them know us better .

As the China manufacturer of emi rf shielding cover , I will say below point is the way you to choose a factory .

Firstly,If the factory focus on EMI shields and stamping ?
I know many stamping factory they do everything , They may quote the price and can produce for you ,But that is not the best choose , They are not focus on shielding that means the quality control ,product process ,production cost and lead time can not be the best ,They are distracted .

Secondly, If they have in house tooling ?
Some of stamping manufacturer they only produce part but the tools they are out source , On the one hand the tools cost will increase ,Other hands the lead time can not control it by themself , And maintain tools is also not the best .

Thirdly,If they have own packing line for tape reel and plastic tray ?
The pack process is important for EMI shielding product , Actually the pack process is the most risk process of quality , Some like wrong direction ,not put inside completely ,missing tape ,card or corner protection etc…

Fourthly, If they have good understand in quality and make a action for it ?
A good company should have training for their staff regularly to make sure them understand all the point and details of the quality ,And make sure them doing it in right way ,In addition ,Make document to approval in each process . 

5.If they have good production save process to help customer save money ?
The engineer team need focus on design tooling to make it in best way , The purchaser team focus on saving raw material and packing material cost , Generlly the factory they are focus on shieding the most , They need the material the most they can have good discount form materail supplier .

Based on above point ,Even if you have not visit facility in China yet , You have some ideas how to choose a stamping factory .
And Jingyi Precision Team welcome you to visit in future .


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