Copper Nickel Zinc Alloy material specification of EMI/RFI shielding cover,In china we call nickel silver 

Chemical study :Ni 5-30%,Zn:10-35%,Cu 50-70% 
Marks :C7521(JIS H 3110 standard ) /CuNi18Zn20 (DIN EN 1658 standard)
Hardness : O (soft) ,1/2H (half hard),H (hard),EH (extremly hard)
Soldering test :1) last 30-60s in 210-260 C 2) Surface not truning yellow  3) welding good 
Surface :Sliver color , No scratch ,bubble ,stain ,break ,delamination

Copper Nickel Zinc Alloy is one of most material customer choose for PCB emi shielding cover /frame , The other one is tinplate , It's depend on your needs , We provide phototype for you test in advance at low cost ,We offter high speed lead time,nice package and high quality to reach your requirement , Any query please contact .


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