Stamping processing is one of the practical processes of mass production.
Only accurate handling of these cardinals.
Impact on product delivery cycle.
Stamping processing production can be carried out smoothly, directly affecting production efficiency and cost.
In the process of stamping, the mold causes the most problems, which is the most important factor in the whole stamping production factor.
The mold problems mainly focus on the mold damage, product quality defects and the grinding of the mold, they have long troubled the industry production.

Die failure is one of the most common problems in stamping production, which often results in production stoppage and affects product production cycle.
Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause of mold failure as soon as possible.
1. Mold damage
Mold damage refers to the mold cracking, breaking, rising, etc., to deal with the problem of mold damage, and it is necessary to find out the reasons for the design, manufacturing process and use of the mould.
If cause foreign body to enter mould, make piece overlap, waste obstruction and so on not to deal with in time, inherit processing production, it is very easy to damage the mould's blanking board, punch, lower plate and guide column.
The spring force design is too small or equal to the height, will cause the spring break, the falling plate tilt.
Cause overlap punch, damage parts.
If the quenching temperature of the die is high, the quenching method and time are not reasonable, and the number of tempering and temperature and the improper selection of the elbow will cause the die to be damaged after the stamping production.
Not enough punch or screw strength.
It will cause the punch to fall or break.
Low working height, low lubrication of guide column.
Generally, the heat treatment process of mold material has great influence on it.
The size or depth design of the blanking hole is not enough, so it is easy to obstruct the slot and cause the falling plate to be damaged.
When the mold is used, the parts location, direction and other installation error or bolt fastening is not good.
2 Tool stuck 
The main cause of the mould stuck is: the mold orientation is not correct, the tilt.
Otherwise, the failure will be extended and the mould will be damaged.
The deformation of the mold, such as the mold base, the hardness of the template, the thickness design is too small, easily affected by the force impact deformation;
The positioning error of the upper and lower die is too poor.
At this time, the impact strength should be improved, and the guide protection of the unloading plate should be enhanced.
Or the precision of the pressure machine is too poor to make the mold interfere;
The strength of the punch is not enough, the size of the punch position is too close, and the lateral force of the mold is unbalanced.
In the process of stamping, once the mold is not flexible, or even die, it is necessary to stop the production immediately, find out the cause of the card, and eliminate the failure.

3 mould damage and repair.
The stamping production of the mold is high.
When the mold repair technology is too complex, modulus measurements is too large, difficult will surely make the maintenance cycle is too long, serious affect the normal produce stamping, should choose failure scrapped in advance, to manufacture of moulds.
Generally speaking.
After the mold is damaged, there is a choice of repair and scrap.
Therefore, timely maintenance of molds, prevent mold damage, can greatly reduce the stamping production of mold costs.
When the hinge of the mold is serious damage, sometimes convex, concave die simultaneously damaged.
This is due to the difficulty in making the mold and the high cost.
Non-natural wear and failure of stamping die, such as damage of non-hinge parts.

Under normal conditions, the main failure mode of stamping dies is excessive wear.
New mould manufacturing and delivery.
Until the burr of the punching parts is excessive, the size of the parts and the shape bit precision is too poor, and the mold can no longer repair or no repair value, then the die can only be discarded.

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